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  • You can only review a store when the order status is completed
  • Store review is base on an order
  • After Submit, the action is final which means that you cannot edit and retract the action
  • The Leave a Feedback button will be expired after 7 days, starting from the order is completed
  • Vendors will only able to submit a review after your review is submitted to a vendor store

Leave a Feedback

Navigate to your account > Orders > REVEIW STORE(S)

Review Stores

Click “Leave a Feedback” then scroll down and click “Write a Review”


Award Vendor Bonus:

It is designed to reward the Vendor you like. It is a great way showing your gratitude to your favourite vendor.

This function is involved with a system called My Wallet and the bonus will be paid by your wallet balance. You will see the transaction record in your wallet page. We will also email you as a notification.

Please note that the bonus awarded cannot exceeds the order total amount.

There will be no retraction and refund for the awarded bonus.

Submit a review:

Pending Review

Your review will be published to the vendor store review page:

immediately when the vendor submits a review to you


7 days later when the vendor does not submit a review to you

View Feedback

View Feedback

It allows you to view the vendor store reviews including the reviews you submitted.

Review From Vendors

Here you could view all the reviews from vendors as a customer.

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