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In your vendor dashboard, click “Settings” :

Locate and click the “Shipping” tab from your dashboard.

Shipping System

1. Recommended

This is the newest shipping system interface:


***Click Here indicates an older version of shipping system. You could use it if that is suitable for you.

Zone Name, Region(s) and Shipping Method

This is the order in which they will be match against the customer address. By using “Hong Kong” and “Customize”, you could manage to deliver your product worldwide.


2. Another Shipping System

Interface of the older one shipping system by Click Here from the photo (1) :


***You must ticket the box “Enable shipping functionally”. If not, your customer will not have choice for shipping and thus unable to checkout.

Default Shipping Price

Base price and starting shipping price for each of your product.

Per Product Additional Price

If a customer buys more than one type product from your store, first product of the every second type will be charged with this price.

Per Qty Additional Price

Every second product of same type will be charged with this price.

Processing time

The time required before sending the product for delivery.

Shipping Policy

Write your terms, conditions and instructions about shipping.

Refund Policy

Write your terms, conditions and instructions about refund.

Ships From

Location from where the product are shipped for delivery. Usually it is same as your store location.

Ships To

The country you ship to.


The price you entered here will be calculated together with the Default Shipping Price:

Cost + Default Shipping Price = Regular Shipping

Regular Shipping is the cost you are charging for your customer.


Your turn

Choose the shipping system you want to use and begin your shipping setting.

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