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Why should I get verified

  • Better credibility by a unique verified badge
  • Make your store more trustworthy
  • More accessibilities on the platform


Verified Vendor

Verified Badge On Product Page

With this unique badge, your store credibility will be improved a lot.

Unlock My Wallet

You can fully access and enjoy all the functions of My Wallet after becoming a Verified Vendor.

Features Unlocked

Only Verified Vendor has the access to Transfer Money option of My Wallet.


  1. You have to pass ID Verification
  2. You have to pass Phone Verification
  3. You have to pass Address Verification


Go to Vendor Dashboard > On the bottom of the page, click Settings > Select Verification

ID Verification

You only have to upload one ID type of photos. Make sure the photos you unloaded are accurate and identical as you.


Uploaded Photo/Document must be valid, standard, clear, reasonable and government issued. We encourage you upload at least 2 photos per ID type.

After Submit, we will manually review the photos you uploaded to decide approve or not.

Please note that you cannot change the ID verification again once it is approved.

Phone Verification

Phone Verification

Make sure you have followed the format +123456 to enter your number. For example, +85212345678

After Submit, fill in the required code we sent to you to verify your phone number.

Please note that you cannot change the Phone Verification/Number again once it is approved.

Address Verification

Address Verification

Please provide us all the required information.

Acceptable Proof of address

Valid proof of address is a document, bill or correspondence issued within the last three months from the application date by any of the organizations listed below. The document should include the name and address of the applicant that you used in ID Verification, the name of issuing organization and the issue date. Proof of address in photocopy, facsimile copy or digital copy (sent by mobile phone or computer) is accepted.

  • Bills or invoices issued by utility companies
  • Landline telephone, mobile phone, paid TV, Internet service bills
  • Statements or correspondence issued by banks
  • Documents issued by government departments
  • Documents or bills issued by local universities or degree-awarding higher education institutions

Result and processing time

You will get notification of the result on the same page you summit the photos/document. We will verify your vendor account information within 3 business days.

You will become an Verified Vendor once all the verifications are approved.

Verified Vendor

If you are a verified vendor, Change Address will immediately revoke your verified vendor unless we approve your new address.

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