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In this document,

“Sellers” share the same meaning with “Vendors”.

“We” share the same meaning with “SellingsVibe” and “Admin”.


In order to enable the withdraw methods, vendor will first need to set up the withdraw method he/she intends to use in the:

Settings > Payment


Total Earning

Seller could view his total earning from withdraw page:


Withdraw Methods

Seller could select his comfortable withdrawal method from drop-down box in withdraw page.


Withdraw the Current Balance to your PayPal Account.

Bank Transfer:

Withdraw the Current Balance to your Bank Account.

My Wallet:

Withdraw the Current Balance to your Wallet.

The FPS:

Withdraw the Current Balance to your FPS account.

Minimum Withdraw Amount

Seller must have a minimum limit to make a withdraw request.

Withdraw Threshold

When the customer order’s status is marked as “completed”, you will have to wait how many days before you can withdraw the funds. From the photo (1), the withdraw Threshold is 0.

Withdraw Request


After Confirm Request, your withdraw request is Pending Review. Current Balance is unchanged in this stage. You can cancel your request.

Approved Requests


Your withdraw request was approved by admin. We will transfer the funds to your relative account base on the withdraw method chosen. Current Balance is reduced in this stage. You should see the transaction record on your PayPal/Bank account/My Wallet/The FPS account. You could easily identify our transaction ID.

Cancelled Requests


Here is the cancellation record initiated by the vendor or SellingsVibe.

Withdraw Approve Notification

Seller will get an e-mail notification when his withdraw request gets approved by SellingsVibe. This e-mail notification does not mean we have transferred funds to your account.


You can only summit one time of withdraw request before it is approved. If you want to withdraw again, please cancel the previous withdraw request first.


Payout schedule

Please note that this is time we complete the transfer per your withdraw request, it does not mean that you will receive the funds on the days we described below. Usually, you will receive our transfer regarding our payout schedule but you should expect days of delay due to the transfer processing time.

In order for you to receive funds, SellingsVibe makes payouts to your bank account, PayPal, My Wallet, or The FPS account based on your Withdrawl Method selected. Payout availability depends on the payment method customer used. The days start to be calculated after the withdraw request.

The payment method customer used and the payout timing:


7-14 Business Day

Credit Card

7-14 Business Day

Direct Bank Transfer

1-3 Business Day


1-3 Business Day

My Wallet

2 Business Day

We may pay you faster than the payout timing described above.

Delay of the payout schedule

SellingsVibe does not hold vendors funds in this case. The delay of the payout schedule is mainly caused by third-party service, most likely by PayPal and Stripe.

Common causes will be:

  1. Funds held by PayPal for whatever reason.
  2. Delay payout schedule by PayPal/Stripe company itself due to the change of policy or arrangement.
  3. Unexpected events caused by PayPal/Stripe/Bank account we used.

This may rarely happen but we will handle all these issues for vendors. However, we will need the vendor’s corporation to complete the process. There is no estimate finish time of such a delay because it involves third party operation. We will keep the vendors posted in this case.


SellingsVibe keeps all kinds of transaction records. We transfer funds base on the information you provided to us. To be specific, we transfer funds only when your withdraw request was approved.

You could request a cancellation of the withdraw request by contacting us during Approved Requests stage but we do not guarantee a successful cancellation. If the funds are transferred, we do not legally responsible for what is going to happen afterwards.

We do not have legal responsibilities to make sure vendors provided accurate information to SellingsVibe. We do not have the legal responsibilities of the impacts will bring to vendors with the Delay of the payout schedule.

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